Elizabeth Berrien

Elizabeth Berrien has created amazing wire sculptures and illustrations for 40 years. While her expertise is esepcially sharp with animals and humans, she adds the same energy to inanimate objects, from architectural elements to spacecraft.

Forge Hill Sculpture

From the beginning of her career, the sport horse industry has been Beverly Zimmer’s target. Her sculpture has been chosen above others to portray these athletic horses due to her understanding of their work.

Brenda Peo: Twisted Ponies

Using a variety of wire, beads and colors, Brenda Peo is putting character into art as each creation comes alive.

Nancy Weimer Belden

Bronze Sculpture by Nancy Weimer Belden

Jen Pratt

I create my sculptures from clay because of the exceptional attributes of this medium. Clay is an inviting, earthy material; it’s also quite durable. It’s perfectly suited to figurative sculptures because of the wide range of emotion and movement that can be captured.

Olva Stewart Pharo

I have never really known what came first for me: art or the horse. I think it was the beauty and power of the horse that drove me to attempt to capture that essence on paper and in sculpture.

Patricia Crane

Patricia achieved fame internationally for her remarkable life size bronze sculpture installed in front of The International Museum, at the Kentucky Horse Park, and in front of the American Saddlebred Museum.

Karen D. Smith

The fundamentally inherent allure of art is the spiritual connection with the essence of my soul. To separate them would be to remove the intense vitality from a symphony. I graciously embrace the compelling need to create. Art is the embodiment of every emotion I feel, and the horse is the vehicle I use to translate those feelings.

Donna Bernstein

Beauty, power, movement, sensuality, intelligence, freedom – all of the life values I hold dear are their domain. My sense of artistic expression was never so much a photographic reproduction of a horse, as much as an energetic imprint of what I see in them. They are my muse.

Alexa King Studios

For the past 26 years Alexa King has worked professionally as a sculptor. Casting a discerning eye on her subjects and capturing the essence and dynamics of her sculptural studies in bronze, Alexa has won praise and recognition throughout the world. Her forte is her ability to depict her subjects in a way that conveys both depth and emotion to the viewer.