Carrie Kitley

With an avid love of horses since childhood, I feel a deep connection to this enchanting subject. Through my photography, I am able to capture the soul of the equine spirit as well as the innocence of children, the beauty of nature, and the magic of our quirky and interesting world.

Kimerlee Curyl

With a dedicated passion to helping save America’s Wild Horses, Kimerlee’s hope is to inspire others, not only to appreciate the horse’s natural beauty, but to also take an interest in helping preserve their place on this land… the same land that without them we would never have traveled across.

Wild Horses: Endangered Beauty

For centuries, the wild horses of North America have figured prominently in art, history and folklore as symbols of beauty, strength and freedom. Native Americans revered them, and early ranchers and farmers would not have been able to settle the American West without them. Now, because of such modern threats as urbanization and government round-ups, these noble creatures are fighting for their very survival.

The Forgotten Horses

The Forgotten Horses by Tony Stromberg (Photographer), Robert Redford (Foreword) # Hardcover: 192 pages # Publisher: New World Library (October 1, 2008) # ISBN-10: 1577316150 # ISBN-13: 978-1577316152


“From the outset I felt quite strongly that I wanted to celebrate the horse in its own right.” —Tim Flach, photographer No animal has captured the human imagination quite like the horse, depicted in media from cave drawings thousands of years ago through countless renderings in paint, clay, ink, even film. Award-winning photographer Tim Flach’s […]

Judith Present

I am a photographer, painter, and 3D assemblage artist, with a background in Theatre. I use my digital images to paint with and manipulate on the computer.

Horse Source Photos

HorseSource Photos, through its team of talented photographers, offers one of the world’s largest collections of equestrian images, encompassing every aspect of the horse world. High performance competitions, leisure riding, breeds, personalities, equipment, products… in fact just about any equestrian-related photograph you can imagine.

Pam Nickoles

Living amidst the natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains and experiencing the appealing blend of Western cultures found in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region, my photos inevitably reflect my deep love for the Western legacy and natural landscape that are so characteristic of the region.

Becky Hermanson

My Mission is to capture the Equine Spirit in nature and how they relate to each other.

Foto Search Stock Photography

Royalty-free, world class stock horse photography

Horse, a Portrait

Horse, a Portrait: A Photographer’s Life With Horses Horse: A Portrait is a collection of photographs and writing by award-winning photographer Christiane Slawik. Taking us on her travels around the world, Slawik tells the stories behind the photos and about her personal love of horses. She writes, “Horses have been facinating for me in a […]

Among Wild Horses: A Portrait of the Pryor Mountain Mustangs

Here is the extraordinary photographic journal of the three years Lynne Pomeranz spent studying, admiring, and photographing these magnificent animals. The inner lives and relationships of 25 horses emerge in intimate photographs accompanied by stirring text.