Michele Pope Melina

I became an artist when I realized exactly how I could express this love that I have for my surroundings. All of the beauty in nature that I saw could be translated with brush, canvas and paint. More importantly, as I have lived in a farming community being squeezed out by urban sprawl I, too, have felt the pressure of redefining my viewpoint through painting.

Sharon Crute

Being involved in the horse racing industry for over thirty years has provided Sharon Crute the distinctive ability to create dynamic equine paintings expressing powerful movement and speed. Her experience at the racetrack stretches the gamut from hotwalker to racing official.

Don Bell Galleries

A graphite pencil is to drawing, as black and white film is to photography. In both mediums, the uncountable shades of gray that fall between the spectrums of black and white can allow the artist to portray more depth that all the colors of the rainbow.

Donna Bernstein

Beauty, power, movement, sensuality, intelligence, freedom – all of the life values I hold dear are their domain. My sense of artistic expression was never so much a photographic reproduction of a horse, as much as an energetic imprint of what I see in them. They are my muse.

Spirit of Horse Gallery

Kim McElroy is renowned for her equine art. For over two decades her pastels have graced popular greeting cards and collectibles, pastel originals and fine art prints. Her visions of horses portray the power and beauty of the horse’s form and offer us a timeless glimpse of its soul.

Susan Greaves

Greaves’ life-long fascination with horses has found expression in equine subjects. Ranching scenes, horse shows and eventing, and the memorable views of her adopted landscape and frequent travels provide constant visual stimulation.