Stephanie Dunatov

Stephanie M. Dunatov creates art that combines her love of horses with her love of history. Her work features equines of all types and generally contains historical details or references to classical themes.

Lyn Beaumont

I have a passion for painting horses, being a horse lover and owner all my life. I currently have three, one of which I have trained myself. With this experience I feel that I have a good knowledge of horse anatomy and an understanding of the horse itself.

Karen Davies

Karen’s unique style focuses on the colours and ambience of racing and country sports. Painting mainly in pastel, but equally adept with oils, her work shows an honesty and understanding of both her craft and her subject. Although better known for her equine studies, Karen’s paintings of her native Kenya mark her down as a truly all round artist.

Suzana Stojanovic

The Magical World of Horses by Suzana Stojanovic is a gallery of her artwork and her writings, all from the equine world. Accomplished in music and literature, Suzana’s return into the art scene after thirteen years was marked by “The Magical World of Horses” series in 2001, and several solo exhibitions throughout Serbia.

Susan Frauenheim Bradley

Although best known for her truly realistic and expressive Equine works, Susan’s passion for riding, travel, and nature creates stunning landscapes, still-life, and unique southwestern works. Susan utilizes the technique of trompe l’oeil in her realistic works, creating the illusion that the subjects really exist.

Nancy Soulliard

My passion for horses and creating art began as a young girl in Pennsylvania. At around age six, I experienced an event that changed my life. I rode a pony at the Philadelphia Zoo. Those five minutes began a life-long need to know these amazing creatures. Throughout my childhood, I spent most of my time drawing, riding or learning about horses.

David Trump

A portrait is not just about creating a likeness, it’s about communicating the soul and personality of the subject. To reveal the spirit is the ultimate aim of my work by focusing on the inner being of each subject allowing the viewer to understand and interact with the picture.

Elaine Juska Keeley

Elaine Juska Keeley is an artist whose specialty is the pastel medium. A member of national and local organizations, such as the Pastel Society of America, Connecticut Pastel Society, and American Academy of Equine Art, Elaine’s award winning work has been juried into exhibitions all over the country.

Linda Volrath

Linda Volrath works in the traditional medium of oil, in a painterly representational style. The dominant subjects of her paintings are equine scenes, landscapes and still lifes. For equine paintings, she works from her own sketches and reference material inspired by the equestrian events in Virginia’s horse country and the Southwest.

Heather Rohde

Rohde’s paintings have been shown at many important equine events including the Wyoming Governor’s Invitational Wild Horse Art Show and Sale, the Art of the Horse national juried exhibition in Gladstone, New Jersey, and a Belmont Park Racetrack charity fundraiser at Saratoga Springs, New York.

Patrick Ching: Naturally Hawaiian

Featuring the work of Patrick Ching, a reknowned nature artist and owner of Naturally Hawaiian Gallery in Waimanalo, Oahu, Hawaii.

Tony O’Connor

Tony´s first and foremost artistic passion usually takes equine form, he is also indivisibly drawn to their surrounding landscape. Whilst his sole-horse pieces have a detailed anatomical specificity to them, his landscapes are more evocative of the wild, tempestuous forces of our earth.