Talbott Studios

Eugenia Talbott’s ability to paint horses comes from years of experience, not often realized by artists who do not understand the complexity of equine conformation. Once a breeder of Arabian horses, her knowledge and love of horses extends to all equine subjects

Diana Cochran

Diana is a self-taught artist, and started seriously working on her art in February of 2005 after having a kidney removed due to cancer. She has entered a couple of art shows and has done well. She is proud to be a contributing artist to the 2007 Egyptian Event of the Pyramid Society, helping to introduce newcomers to the Arabian Horse.

Fiona Purdy

Fiona paints the Modern Horse in a dynamic vibrant, imaginative style. Her favorite subject is the glorious Arabian horse, however, she does also paint many other breeds. Fiona’s horses seem to break free from the confines of the canvas, leaping through the highly decorative hand painted borders that compliments each horse’s personality perfectly.

Rich Gabriel

Rich Gabriel is an artist residing in upstate New York. His Saratoga thoroughbred paintings, horse racing prints, and sports cartoons have been displayed at historic Saratoga Thoroughbred Racetrack since 1981. Besides Saratoga, Rich has also exhibited his limited edition prints and posters at Belmont, Keeneland, Monmouth and the Meadowlands.

Dee Dee Murry

Realistic horse, dog, cat, wildlife, bird art and pet portraits by national award winning artist Dee Dee Murry in oil, acrylic, graphite and mixed media.

Deanna L. Kraft

Original and innovative horse art in watercolors and graphite by Deanna L. Kraft

Hazel Morgan

Hazel is a painter who not only has the ability to capture what she sees, but is able to reach into the soul of her subject, painting each horse as if it were her own, each person as if she had known them for years.

Donna Ridgway

I still can’t see enough horses. I can’t paint enough horses, I’m always searching for new images of horses so my hungry brushes can paint them.

Shivak Art

Although her main body of work is equine related, more specifically the Arabian horse, she also works with wildlife, canine and human portraitures. Tracey has a unique and stunning talent of capturing the natural beauty and raw spirit of her subjects with the expertise and classical style that is all her own.

Marilyn Todd-Daniels

“Life is a continual unfolding of exploration and adventure. One summer was spent driving through the west with camera and paints, wanting to reacquaint myself with America’s majesty, looking for some great, new artwork.”

Shawn Faust

“I’ve always admired horses when I was a child, but never had many opportunities to be up close with them, face to face. In my opinion, they are the most majestic animals on Earth. My goal is to execute a portrait of a horse so correctly, that you will be drawn into the beauty of the horse, not my brushwork.”

Eric Stewart Portraits

Photo portraits are fine, but common. Anyone who is looking for a fine artist instead of a photographer to create their pet portrait understands this. There is an intrinsic value to a high quality art portrait which sets it apart from photo portraits.