The Forgotten Horses

The Forgotten Horses by Tony Stromberg (Photographer), Robert Redford (Foreword) # Hardcover: 192 pages # Publisher: New World Library (October 1, 2008) # ISBN-10: 1577316150 # ISBN-13: 978-1577316152

Elizabeth Berrien

Elizabeth Berrien has created amazing wire sculptures and illustrations for 40 years. While her expertise is esepcially sharp with animals and humans, she adds the same energy to inanimate objects, from architectural elements to spacecraft.


“From the outset I felt quite strongly that I wanted to celebrate the horse in its own right.” —Tim Flach, photographer No animal has captured the human imagination quite like the horse, depicted in media from cave drawings thousands of years ago through countless renderings in paint, clay, ink, even film. Award-winning photographer Tim Flach’s […]

The Equine Art Guild

The Equine Art Guild is a volunteer-run group run by equine artists for equine artists. We encourage all levels of artists to join. It is a place where we can pool together our resources and knowledge to help promote ourselves and our art form as well provide encouragement and support for new artists. All artists are equal as everyone has something to contribute.

Judith Present

I am a photographer, painter, and 3D assemblage artist, with a background in Theatre. I use my digital images to paint with and manipulate on the computer.

Paso Fino Horse Association

The Paso Fino Horse Association (PFHA) oversees and regulates registered Paso Finos in the USA. It was founded in 1972 under the name “American Paso Finos”, later changing to its current name. It registers and promotes both Puerto Rican and Colombian horses, and under the PFHA two groups have been frequently crossbred.

60-Second Science: Obesity Hurting Horses’ Health

America’s problem with obesity is well known. And more and more cats and dogs are also suffering from obesity. Now veterinarians have found that another favorite animal is in danger of serious health problems due to being just too fat: horses.

Rich Gabriel

Rich Gabriel is an artist residing in upstate New York. His Saratoga thoroughbred paintings, horse racing prints, and sports cartoons have been displayed at historic Saratoga Thoroughbred Racetrack since 1981. Besides Saratoga, Rich has also exhibited his limited edition prints and posters at Belmont, Keeneland, Monmouth and the Meadowlands.

Dee Dee Murry

Realistic horse, dog, cat, wildlife, bird art and pet portraits by national award winning artist Dee Dee Murry in oil, acrylic, graphite and mixed media.


The Equine Podcast for the Internet Horse Community

HorseGirl TV

HorseGirlTV is a semi-monthly vidcast hosted by Angelea Kelly Walkup. The show takes the classic world of horses and plugs it into the wired generation. Tune in. Tack up.

In Horse Harmony

In Horse Harmony is dedicated to the expression of the Horse/Human connection. We strive to see and value Horses for their inherent wisdom, strength and beauty and for their ability to teach us the way of the horse.