The Horse Boy

How far would you travel to heal someone you love? An intensely personal yet an epic spiritual journey, The Horse Boy follows one Texas couple and their autistic son as they trek on horseback through Outer Mongolia in a desperate attempt to treat his condition with shamanic healing.

Kimerlee Curyl

With a dedicated passion to helping save America’s Wild Horses, Kimerlee’s hope is to inspire others, not only to appreciate the horse’s natural beauty, but to also take an interest in helping preserve their place on this land… the same land that without them we would never have traveled across.

Pryor Mountain Wild Mustang Center

The Pryor Mountain Wild Mustang Center is dedicated to preserving and interpreting the Pryor Mountain mustangs, their evolution, history, habitat needs and historical significance.

The Cloud Foundation

The non-profit Cloud Foundation is dedicated to preventing the extinction of Cloud’s herd through education, media events and programming, and public involvement. The Foundation is also determined to protect other wild horse herds on public lands, especially isolated herds with unique characteristics and historical significance.

4th Annual Spirit of the Horse Benefit

Return to Freedom and the ASPCA Invite You to the 4th Annual Spirit of the Horse Benefit!

Canadian Kiger Mustang Registry

The Canadian Kiger Mustang Registry was established in 2003 when the first Kiger’s arrived on Canadian soil. The Registry recognizes and participates with registries and breeders that support and maintain an ethical and structured system that recognize and support the development of the pure Kiger Mustang breed.

Diana Cochran

Diana is a self-taught artist, and started seriously working on her art in February of 2005 after having a kidney removed due to cancer. She has entered a couple of art shows and has done well. She is proud to be a contributing artist to the 2007 Egyptian Event of the Pyramid Society, helping to introduce newcomers to the Arabian Horse.

National Wild Horse Adoption Day: September 26

Wild horse and humane animal advocacy groups from across the nation are joining forces for a single cause: to encourage the American public to consider and act on the adoption of a wild horse or burro. A goal of 1,000 adoptions has been set for the first National Wild Horse Adoption Day, which will be held September 26, 2009.

PSA: Saving the American Wild Horse

Sheryl Crow & Viggo Mortensen lend their support and knowledge for preserving the last few remaining free roaming wild horses and burros in America.

Saving the American Wild Horse

Saving the American Wild Horse, a poignant documentary hosted by Viggo Mortensen, Sheryl Crow, Peter Coyote, and directed by Emmy Award-winning Documentary Filmmaker, James Kleinert, examines the politics behind the Bureau of Land Management’s controversial policies regarding wild horses on public lands and questions the fate of America’s Wild Horses and Burros, whose very existence is in jeopardy.

Fiona Purdy

Fiona paints the Modern Horse in a dynamic vibrant, imaginative style. Her favorite subject is the glorious Arabian horse, however, she does also paint many other breeds. Fiona’s horses seem to break free from the confines of the canvas, leaping through the highly decorative hand painted borders that compliments each horse’s personality perfectly.

War Horse: A History of the Military Horse and Rider

In War Horse: A History of the Military Horse and Rider, Louis A. DiMarco discusses all of the uses of horses in battle, including the Greek, Persian, and Roman cavalry, the medieval knight and his mount, the horse warriors—Huns, Mongols, Arabs, and Cossacks—the mounted formations of Frederick the Great and Napoleon, and mounted unconventional fighters, such as American Indians, the Boers, and partisans during World War II.