Wild Horses of Shackleford Banks

The Shackleford Banks wild horses are a unique historic and cultural legacy. Historical research and genetics testing indicates that these wild horses descended from a core group of the old type of Spanish horses.

Spirit of Horse Gallery

Kim McElroy is renowned for her equine art. For over two decades her pastels have graced popular greeting cards and collectibles, pastel originals and fine art prints. Her visions of horses portray the power and beauty of the horse’s form and offer us a timeless glimpse of its soul.

Fires and Droughts Endanger Wild Horses

About 42,000 wild horses and up to 5,000 wild burros roam in herds through just about every state west of the Rockies. But this year, with a record drought stealing their water supply and wildfires roasting their habitat, this already large population faces its hardest times ever.

Susan Greaves

Greaves’ life-long fascination with horses has found expression in equine subjects. Ranching scenes, horse shows and eventing, and the memorable views of her adopted landscape and frequent travels provide constant visual stimulation.

Institute for Ancient Equestrian Studies

David Anthony and Dorcas Brown organized the Institute for Ancient Equestrian Studies (IAES) at Hartwick College in 1994 as part of a research project on the origins of horseback riding that was funded by the American Philosophical Society, the Wenner Gren Foundation, the U.S. National Science Foundation, the Freedman Foundation and Hartwick College.

Alexa King Studios

For the past 26 years Alexa King has worked professionally as a sculptor. Casting a discerning eye on her subjects and capturing the essence and dynamics of her sculptural studies in bronze, Alexa has won praise and recognition throughout the world. Her forte is her ability to depict her subjects in a way that conveys both depth and emotion to the viewer.

The Horse’s Name Was…

The Horse’s Name Was…: A Dictionary of Famous Horses from History, Literature, Mythology, Television and Movies from the Preface by the author, Terri A. Wear There have been horses in all aspects of life since the horse became domesticated. Horses are found in mythology, ridden in war, kept as pets, star in movies and television, […]

CNN: Government loses track of thousands of adopted horses

CNN: Government loses track of thousands of adopted horses Source Link: CNN: Government loses track of thousands of adopted horses

Horse logging limits damage to forests

A couple thousand pounds’ worth of horse pulling tons of wood from the forest is an old way of working. But the method is helping meet today’s need for wood — and keeping the land in good shape for tomorrow.

“I just like the way the woods look when we leave,” says horse logger David Matherson. “In a lot of cases we’ve logged and went in a place and people never knew we was there.”

Backyard Mustangs

The horses, some of them descendants of wild mustangs, find plenty of water and ornamental shrubs to snack on in Hidden Valley. Some residents say it’s nice to have the creatures moving among them and occasionally peeking in their kitchen windows, but they also say the problems are piling up. “Look at all of this manure. I don’t think it enhances the neighborhood any, do you?” a resident says.

Tiny, ancient horses found in Tibet

The tiny horse, only 4 feet tall, was discovered purely by chance, grazing in groups of two or three in the Riwoche Valley, an unexplored region in northeastern Tibet. The expedition, led by French anthropologist Michel Peissel to study another rare species of horse, had been forced to divert from it’s planned route due to bad weather.