University of Maryland Equine Studies

The University of Maryland offers a comprehensive learning experience in the areas of equine science and management. Students can emphasize on horses while earning a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science or pursue Certification in Equine Business Management.

Gentle horsemanship rooted in the West takes hold across the nation

Gone are the days when the only way to get a horse to take a saddle was for a cocky, young man to jump on the animal’s back and hold on until the horse gave up.

Olva Stewart Pharo

I have never really known what came first for me: art or the horse. I think it was the beauty and power of the horse that drove me to attempt to capture that essence on paper and in sculpture.

If I Had a Horse

If I Had a Horse: How Different Life Would Be This two-time award winning book reflects on the lessons that evolve when woman and horse form a bond and how these experiences migrate into all aspects of life. Whether you are a experienced rider or horse owner, or have only imagined a horse in your […]

WebPony Internet Services

WebPony Internet Services started in 1998 as web design and hosting company geared to provide quality web sites for horse folks worldwide. We expanded our efforts in 1999 to provide the internet community with the first only horse banner exchange. We then designed WebPony Horse Search Engine which provides a great reference for people looking for all kinds of horse web sites.

Michele Pope Melina

I became an artist when I realized exactly how I could express this love that I have for my surroundings. All of the beauty in nature that I saw could be translated with brush, canvas and paint. More importantly, as I have lived in a farming community being squeezed out by urban sprawl I, too, have felt the pressure of redefining my viewpoint through painting.

American Association for Horsemanship Safety

AAHS certifies instructors and assistant instructors who take a certification clinic and who pass the required exams.

Foundation for the Preservation of the Przewalski Horse

The national symbol of Mongolia, the Przewalski horse or Takh, has returned to its country of origin. The only truly wild horse has recovered from a captive existence abroad to now roam free in the wild forests and steppes of the Hustai National Park. The remarkable come-back tells a story that spans well over 30 years.

Corolla Wild Horse Fund

The Corolla Wild Horse Fund was formed in 1989 by a group of concerned citizens to heighten awareness about the presence of wild horses in the area.

Sharon Crute

Being involved in the horse racing industry for over thirty years has provided Sharon Crute the distinctive ability to create dynamic equine paintings expressing powerful movement and speed. Her experience at the racetrack stretches the gamut from hotwalker to racing official.

The Mythology of Horses

Horses have always held a mystical sway over the human imagination; no other creature has inspired the same reverence or cross-cultural fascination. The Mythology of Horses offers a comprehensive look at horse breeds around the world, exploring their heritage, physical attributes, and place in human society, as well as the folklore, popular mythology, and true stories surrounding each breed.

Equine Legal Solutions

Equine Legal Solutions is a leading equine law firm located in the United States. For all breeds and disciplines, we offer dispute resolution, contract law and incorporation of all types of horse related businesses. What makes ELS different is that our attorneys are not just horse attorneys, they are horse people too.