The Wild Horse is a site featuring artists who specialize in equine art or art with equine themes, and for news and resources about wild horse preservation and horse rescue efforts all over the world.

My fascination with horses began at an early age, as it did with many horse enthusiasts. My earliest years were spent riding and caring for them, and until I was bitten by the computer bug I had every intention of becoming a horse veterinarian.

Years later, I discovered images of beauty, freedom and passion in the works of a handful of talented artists, and that encouraged me to start a directory of artists who focus on horses and equestrian themes, so other aficionados like myself might be able to find them.

That first directory started out as a handful of links on a roughly created page on this website back in 1998. The initial popularity of the page, because of it’s descriptive and very narrow focus, exploded in both popularity and in the number of requests sent in asking to be added to it. That’s how the artists index grew, and continues to grow.