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Morning's Glory

Morning’s Glory

Eugenia Talbott’s ability to paint horses comes from years of experience, not often realized by artists who do not understand the complexity of equine conformation. Once a breeder of Arabian horses, her knowledge and love of horses extends to all equine subjects, making the uniqueness of specific breeds her goal-a must before accepting commissioned work of wildlife, livestock, or pets. Although, Talbott is known for her animal art, she also paints portraits, often painting horse and rider. Her paintings hang in homes around the globe. One of her hand painted room divider screens graces the entrance to the private Polo Club of H.R.H., the Crown Prince of Johar, Malaysia.

Her realistic style rings true in her original oil and watercolor paintings, yet shares the stage with her equally impressive graphite drawings. Contact Talbott for a lasting memory of your horse, or call to discuss her line of custom cards used to showcase horses and livestock. Nothing speaks louder to this artist than a swish of a tail, nod of a proud head and soft eye, to hooves caught in a dance to the wind. Immortalize the spirit of your horse with one of Eugenia Talbott’s original paintings.

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