The Painted Pony

Discover the Best in Contemporary Equine – Horse Paintings by artists Laurie Pace, Diane Whitehead, Debbie Lincoln, Mary Jo Zorad

Who are the Artists of The Painted Pony? Debbie Grayson Lincoln, Laurie Pace, Diane Whitehead and Mary Jo Zorad have as many similarities as they do differences. Their artwork demonstrates a common commitment to a high standard of workmanship. To speak with any one of the four women reveals a commonality in what inspires them and how they choose to live their lives, with integrity and a commitment to doing their work for a higher cause. Each feels her creative inspiration as a passionate and natural calling.

What makes their work special/unique? All four artists create bold, vividly-colored artworks with an inspirational flair. Several of the group are excellent teachers and writers. They work energetically toward touring exhibitions that showcased their artworks – shows to the US and to Europe. All five artists are spread out over the US.

Where did the idea originate from? The extraordinary group has painted together and shown together for over ten years. They are part of a painting group called The Five Graces.

How were these four equine artists chosen? Since the Five Graces believe the commonality that brought them together was spiritual, it really is from this higher power out of which their commitment to honor integrity with in their profession comes. The Five Graces were formed in 2005, but these artists have been together for ten years. The four women that do portray their love for equine art feel the power between created the best story for The Painted Pony, a Horse of a Different Color.

Website: The Painted Pony: The Horse of a Different Color