Kimerlee Curyl

“Nothing moves me more than standing in a field, a pasture, a stall or just a glimer of light and being with a horse, my heart races and stops at the same time.”
~Kimerlee Curyl

The Hollywood dream is what moved Kimerlee here from Minnesota in 1992. But she remembers telling her mother at a young age she would live surrounded by horses and mountains. Finally in 2004 a little girl’s dream came true and everything quickly shifted focus. Pounding the hollywood pavement gaveway to the pounding of hooves through Griffith Park mountains with a camera at her side most of the time. Shortly after the arrival of her first horse, she visited a place called Return to Freedom, The American Wild Horse Sanctuary.

With a dedicated passion to helping save America’s Wild Horses, Kimerlee’s hope is to inspire others, not only to appreciate the horse’s natural beauty, but to also take an interest in helping preserve their place on this land… the same land that without them we would never have traveled across.

Kimerlee has been teaching wild horse workshops with a strong focus on waiting and “feeling” the shot. She believes every horse has a story to tell, as well as every human who has ever loved a horse. She is ridiculously passionate about all horses, their beauty, their essence their grace and loves to share her experiences with others. In Los Angeles she has photographed all breeds, all disciplines, celebrities and their horses, famous stallions and ranches and the one common thread that keeps her always wanting and coming bak for more is the absolute love we all share with the horse.

Link: Kimerlee Curyl: Premier EQUINE Photography