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Cloud is a pale palomino, wild horse stallion, living in the Pryor Mountains of Montana, a range the Crow Indians call the Arrowheads. Cloud has been documented from the day of his birth by Emmy-winning filmmaker, Ginger Kathrens. Her films about Cloud, “Cloud: Wild Stallion of the Rockies” and “Cloud’s Legacy: The Wild Stallion Returns” air on PBS’s Nature series and represents the only on-going documentation of a wild animal in our hemisphere. Ginger’s Cloud chronicles have been compared to Jane Goodall’s work with chimpanzees in Africa. Ginger has written two books about Cloud.

The Cloud Foundation, a Colorado non-profit corporation, grew out of Ginger Kathrens’ knowledge and fear for not only Cloud’s herd but other wild horses in the West. “I began to realize that we were losing America’s wild horses,” Ginger says. “They are rounded up by the thousand, losing in an instant what they value most–freedom and family. I realized that even Cloud and his family were in danger.”

“In Cloud’s remote mountain wilderness we have a perfect opportunity to step back and watch nature call the shots. Predators and daunting weather are limiting the herd size—naturally,” she states. “Yet, human over management is jeopardizing their future survival. We could lose Cloud and his herd forever, unless we’re willing to stand up for them now.”

The non-profit Cloud Foundation is dedicated to preventing the extinction of Cloud’s herd through education, media events and programming, and public involvement. The Foundation is also determined to protect other wild horse herds on public lands, especially isolated herds with unique characteristics and historical significance.

Link: The Cloud Foundation

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  1. love the foundation wish i could adopt one but parents dont have the room we already have 15 horses to take care of on a 40 acre farm… all have been saved from going to the slaughter house from the same guy none of the horses were getting bids so we took em after the sale was over wen we went

  2. Chuck Braxton says

    If I win the lottery… but for now I have to do my best to care for Smokey and Chicsicksa my mustangs rescued from the slaughter house. “Best of Breed by natural selection” God. Thank you for your efforts. Chuck

  3. A great documentary about the “Last of the Spanish Mustangs” by Len J is another film that documents the illegal slaughter of horses.

  4. Kat Young says

    I went back to college to become a vet tech working with large animals so that I could work with horses. Their free spirit an wild nature is awe inspiring. Living in Nevada now also hightens my insight to the wild herd as well. Does anyone ever think that your not allowed to straf or herd cattle with a helo but they do it to the wild horse herd? Must be that they dont belong to anyone an no one is able to stand up for them on this issue.

  5. Nancy Cook-Bari says

    All my 59 or so yrs. I have loved most of Earth’s inhabitiants and have adopted, saved and rehabilitated several. But, I take isue with some of humankind that are pyramid thinkers…the one’s who assume they are the chosen ones, the takers of lives. And because of those pyramids we are where we are….
    The is a criminal act…the round up and slaughtering of horses!!! LET’S STOP THIS NOW!!!

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