Canadian Kiger Mustang Registry

The Canadian Kiger Mustang Registry was established in 2003 when the first Kiger’s arrived on Canadian soil. The Registry recognizes and participates with registries and breeders that support and maintain an ethical and structured system that recognize and support the development of the pure Kiger Mustang breed.

The CKMR defines a purebred Kiger as one who can trace their Kiger’s sire and dam lines back to either one or both of the two “Herd Management Areas” (HMA’s), Kiger HMA and Riddle HMA.

Link: Canadian Kiger Mustang Registry

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  1. Please note: As of October 2010, the CKMR has perminantly closed its doors. Anyone with a CKMR registered horse can apply with the AKHR or American Kiger Horse Registry for continued registration of their Kiger horse.

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