Saving the American Wild Horse

Saving the American Wild Horse, a poignant documentary hosted by Viggo Mortensen, Sheryl Crow, Peter Coyote, and directed by Emmy Award-winning Documentary Filmmaker, James Kleinert, examines the politics behind the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) controversial policies regarding wild horses on public lands and questions the fate of America’s Wild Horses and Burros, whose very existence is in jeopardy.

“We’re pleased with the opportunity to bring James Kleinert’s compelling work on the state of our diminishing wild horse population to a primetime television audience for the first time,” says Tom Neff, founder and CEO, Documentary Channel. “With the help of several talented entertainment stars, Kleinert’s film is a remarkable effort to bring this issue to the forefront of the American consciousness, and we believe our viewers will be astounded by his dramatic footage.”

Travel with Emmy award-winning Documentary Filmmaker, James Kleinert, as he joins with wild horse advocates to peacefully work in remote landscapes to help preserve these creatures existence.

Saving the American Wild Horse tells the dramatic story of the horse as it disappears from the North American continent ten thousand years ago, only to be reintroduced by Europeans in the 1500’s. The film captures for it’s viewers the role the horse has played in both Native American and Euro-American culture over the last four hundred years. Nothing will strike the audience’s hearts as clearly as the profound relationship humans and horses share in the shaping of the United States. This relationship is unique to the attributes of the wild horse, and is worth preserving for many generations to come.

We are distributing Saving The American Wild Horse as an educational tool to gather support for America’s wild horses and burros. We are currently editing the feature wild horse film titled “Disappointment Valley. . . A Modern Day Western.” This film will further explore the plight of America’s Wild Horses and Burro’s and will give solutions and education to the public on what can be done to help preserve these amazing wild animals and symbols of American Freedom. We are seeking tax deductible donations to help with the production costs of both Saving the American Horse and Disappointment Valley.

Link: Saving the American Wild Horse
Link: The Spirit Riders Foundation

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  1. How can I get a copy of this video for educational purposes? Netflix did not have it. Holly

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