Nokota Horse Conservancy

The Nokota Horse Conservancy is a nonprofit organization established in 1999 to preserve the unique and historical Nokota Horse. These wild horses of the northern plains inhabited the Little Missouri badlands, now encompassed by Theodore Roosevelt National Park, for more than a century. They were removed by the National Park Service and sold during the 1980s and 1990s. The vast majority of the remaining Nokota horses now survive on the overburdened Kuntz Ranch. The goals of the Nokota Horse Conservancy are to preserve these important horses by caring for them, promoting awareness of their plight, value, and use to others, and by working to establish a sanctuary where they can survive into the future.

The Nokota Horse Conservancy exists to preserve Foundation-bred Nokota horses. We don’t sell or train horses, although the Kuntz family and other members do that on a limited basis — there aren’t a lot of Nokotas in existence (and virtually all of the money from Kuntz family horse sales goes to supporting the rest). All of our activities are organized by members, who volunteer to keep things running and who raise funds to care for the horses and publicize our mission. So far, we’re still working hardest at just keeping the horses alive and well. We are developing a number of collaborative projects that we hope will help us reach our ultimate and most essential goal: acquiring land for a sanctuary.

Link: The Nokota Horse Conservancy

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  1. PETER JOLLEY says

    I live in Australia where there are many wild horses roaming our lands,though not indiginous, Brumbys they are called,just a left over from many interbred horses throughout the ages. I find it remarkable and commendable that the Kuntz family looks after a native breed so it can continue to flourish. What happened to the Government?
    I wonder when Western Society will stop raping the planet for the all mighty doller and start looking after it’s own backyard. Our forefathers on both sides of the world have all but destroyed the native people,its animals and their cultures and for what? I wonder what will happen to the horses and their grazing lands when the Kuntz family dies?

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