Mustang Heritage Foundation

The Mustang Heritage Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) public, charitable, nonprofit organization dedicated to facilitating successful adoptions for America’s excess mustangs and burros. Founded in 2001, its mission is to help promote the Bureau of Land Management’s National Wild Horse and Burro Program and increase the number of successful adoptions.

The Mustang Heritage Foundation is committed to:

* Supporting and advancing the repositioning of wild horses (hereafter referred to as mustangs) as a positive horse owning experience in conjunction with the BLM

* Assisting in creating a more marketable product through improving selection and expanded and enhanced training programs for critical mustang age groups

* Attracting potential adopters and assisting the BLM in turning prospects into adopters

* Providing information and education about mustangs and burros, their care, nurturing and use as athletes and companion animals

* Identifying and providing opportunities to become involved in the mustang and burro experience through adoption, volunteering, sponsorship and philanthropy

Link: Mustang Heritage Foundation

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  1. frank krouse says

    I bought a mustang about 4 years ago. I trained him from ground up. I do not use the term “broke” because 2 me when you break a horse you break their spirit, like in the old days. I worked on gaining his trust, then came his respect, then the rest was easy. I may have bought dallas but there is no ownership between us, we are partners, buddies & best friends. I would like to get my own ranch up & running some day & adopt a bunch train them & place them in good homes. I think they are great horses & deserve the best. I just wish there was something that could be done to control the population of these great horses. I hear people all the time say about brining back slaughter. They say it is the only way, i do not agree, i think there has to be a better way. I know dallas deserves the best & i feel the same way about every other mustang weither in a holding penn or still running wild. I thank you for your time & letting me voice my oppinion on these great horses, a part of american heritage.

    • Alan Millard says

      What you say is really cool. How do you feel about the wild horse having a place in the wild too? After all, they are no less entitled to a place, perhaps more due to their resilience and independence, than cattle being herded on the open range.
      Alan Millard

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