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Wild Horses: Endangered Beauty

For centuries, the wild horses of North America have figured prominently in art, history and folklore as symbols of beauty, strength and freedom. Native Americans revered them, and early ranchers and farmers would not have been able to settle the American West without them. Now, because of such modern threats as urbanization and government round-ups, these noble creatures are fighting for their very survival.

The Forgotten Horses

The Forgotten Horses by Tony Stromberg (Photographer), Robert Redford (Foreword) # Hardcover: 192 pages # Publisher: New World Library (October 1, 2008) # ISBN-10: 1577316150 # ISBN-13: 978-1577316152

Elizabeth Berrien

Elizabeth Berrien has created amazing wire sculptures and illustrations for 40 years. While her expertise is esepcially sharp with animals and humans, she adds the same energy to inanimate objects, from architectural elements to spacecraft.


“From the outset I felt quite strongly that I wanted to celebrate the horse in its own right.” —Tim Flach, photographer No animal has captured the human imagination quite like the horse, depicted in media from cave drawings thousands of years ago through countless renderings in paint, clay, ink, even film. Award-winning photographer Tim Flach’s […]