In Horse Harmony

In Horse Harmony is dedicated to the expression of the Horse/Human connection. We strive to see and value Horses for their inherent wisdom, strength and beauty and for their ability to teach us the way of the horse.

In Horse Harmony offers a space to discover the Horse Spirit and the Wisdom of the Horse and how that relates and integrates with humanity as individuals and as a collective whole as we strive to evolve into the fullness of our growing and expanding consciousness… one breath… one moment at a time.

In Horse Harmony listens to the lessons Horse has to share, lessons of compassion & love, trust & respect, calm & inner peace…and share these lessons with all of humanity. We believe it is our responsibility to help humanity come to a deeper understanding of who they are with the willing assistance of our equine friends.

We offer stories, or Horse Tales if you will, that will inspire, motivate and capture the essence of what it is to be in partnership with Horse.

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