HorseGirl TV

As a life long equestrian, Angelea has not only ridden and trained but she currently competes in Dressage at the Grand Prix level. Angelea’s post university career found her behind an illuminated computer screen working in Internet technologies with online communities. She turned in her full-time keyboard with her companies successful acquisition by a major Internet brand and is now focusing 100% of her energies on developing global transparency in equine sports by maximizing the emerging world of video blogging (video podcasting).

HorseGirlTV is a bi-monthly hosted show, presenting international equine sports and equine athletes through entertaining and educational designs. HorseGirlTV focuses on riders, trainers, professionals both locally and globally. The format is hip, happening and always horse related. Tune in. Tack up. It’s not what you think!

Link: HorseGirl TV

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