American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign

The American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign is dedicated to preserving the American wild horse in viable free-roaming herds for generations to come, as part of our national heritage. Its grassroots efforts are supported by a coalition of over forty organizations.

An aggressive wild horse removal campaign is currently under way by the U.S. government, at the cost of millions of taxpayer dollars. The Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) removal policy is contrary to the spirit of the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act (PDF). The Act was the result of an unprecedented public outcry and unquestionably reflects the will of the American people; its intent was to preserve wild horses and burros as part of our national heritage.

Over the past 30 years, under pressure from special interest groups and in blatant disregard of the public’s wishes, the BLM has systematically favored subsidized livestock grazing on public lands to the detriment of wild horse populations. The Burns Amendment, slipped into the 2005 federal budget without so much as a hearing or opportunity for public review, was the last nail in the coffin of federal wild horse protection, opening the door to the slaughter of thousands of these living symbols of our Nation’s spirit. A few months later, while in the process of rounding up another 10,000 horses supposedly due to poor range conditions, BLM eased public land grazing restrictions for private cattle.
The AWHPC Coalition is calling for a Congressional inquiry into the government’s wild horse management policies, and coordinating a grassroots campaign in support of:

  • the review of scientific findings that contradict BLM’s claims of wild horse overpopulation and negative impact on the range;
  • a moratorium on round-ups until actual numbers of wild horses and burros on public lands have been independently assessed; and
  • implementation of in-the-wild management, which would save millions of tax-dollars.

For a few politicians to continue dismissing this issue as “emotional,” simply because the American public deeply cares, is a slap in the face of democratic principles. Special interest groups do not hold a monopoly over sound public policy. The American public has enough common sense to see that
scientific data, ethics and fiscal responsibility all fall squarely on the side of America’s wild horses.

Link: American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign

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