Archives for July 2008

Forge Hill Sculpture

From the beginning of her career, the sport horse industry has been Beverly Zimmer’s target. Her sculpture has been chosen above others to portray these athletic horses due to her understanding of their work.

Taming a wild horse – Trainer joins a national challenge to help mustang-adoption effort

As one of 200 trainers selected nationwide to gentle a wild mustang, Rodden has until Sept. 18 to get Bucephalus to Texas and compete for $50,000 in cash prizes as part of the Extreme Mustang Makeover.

A Battle Over Wild Horses

If you drew up a list of things that divide the country, horses probably wouldn’t appear near the top. But they should, if the response to NEWSWEEK’s interview last week with wild horse advocate Deanne Stillman is anything to go by.

Natural Horse Network

I think Catherine Bird says it best in her book:”A Healthy Horse the Natural Way.” Traditional veterinary medicine and natural therapies are not mutually exclusive; both disciplines have boundless areas in which they can and do enhance each other. The use of Natural therapies is complementary and not meant to replace veterinary medicine.”

The Wild Horse Is Us

After surviving the ice age, the industrial revolution and the slaughterhouse, America’s wild horse population is facing a new threat: the U.S. government. The Bureau of Land Management announced this week that it is considering euthanizing wild horses to curb the population on the range and in federal holding facilities.