Chez Chevaux

Chez Chevaux is a tax-exempt 501C-3 non-profit organization formed with the express purpose of rescuing and rehabilitating thoroughbred horses who have been injured, neglected, abused, or are simply unwanted. Our facilities are dedicated to helping these horses escape from negative situations and find them placements with appreciative, respectful and committed homes.

Our equine rescue residents have come to Chez Chevaux, directly or indirectly, from a racing career, in varying levels of health and condition. However, all ex-racehorses have experienced lives quite different from those of the average pleasure or performance horses. Their training has been intensely focused and competitive. Successfully transitioning these horses into a “normal” equine environment requires time, experience, and an individual retraining regimen. The most difficult retraining cases and pathetic examples of neglect we have seen have resulted from horses who went right from the race track to inexperienced first time horse owners.

Chez Chevaux’s owner, director, and trainer, Melodee C. Shelley-Bolmgren, has had over thirty years of experience as an instructor and competitor. She has facilitated numerous successful horse and human pairings in multiple divisions by focusing on and encouraging positive equine behaviors and educating effective riders.

Mission Statement

  • To rehabilitate and/or retrain injured, neglected and/or abused Thoroughbred horses (with priority given to ex-racehorses) in order to secure their placements with permanent and appropriate homes.
  • To accept donations of unwanted Thoroughbred horses for adoption in permanent homes.
  • To improve the lives of Thoroughbred horses throughout the Pacific Northwest.
  • To educate the public to recognize horse abuse and enlist their aid in stopping it.
  • To offer assistance to Thoroughbred owners in times of natural or personal disaster.
  • To engage in fundraising activities to accomplish these objectives.

Link: Chez Chevaux Thoroughbred Horse Rescue

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