Shawn Faust

As a youth, Shawn’s mind was always on two things… baseball and drawing. While baseball was limited to the warmer months, Shawn soon recognizes that drawing could be enjoyed year round. By college, the passion to be a professional artist frew stronger, and Shawn became determind to study painting at the highest level, and immersed himself into figurative and portrait painting.

Through his intense artistic study of human models, Shawn further recognized the significance of showcasing the “eyes” in his portraits. He was intrigued by the “eye” descriptions horse owners gave when describing the personalities of their horses, and he began painting head studies of them in order to learn more about capturing the spirit of his subject rather than it’s mere likeness.

Faust was immediately overwhelmed by their beauty and knew he had found his calling in art. “I’ve always admired horses when I was a child, but never had many opportunities to be up close with them, face to face. In my opinion, they are the most majestic animals on Earth. My goal is to execute a portrait of a horse so correctly, that you will be drawn into the beauty of the horse, not my brushwork.”

Link: Shawn Faust: Works in Oil