Shelly Asche

Growing up as the daughter of a thoroughbred trainer, horses were in the blood. She drew them, read stories about them, brushed them, talked to them… and ultimately, fell in love with them. In 1976, the dream began while reading her father’s Horsemen’s Journal. In it there was an article on the Art of Racing with images created by Fred Stone, Richard Stone Reeves, Jenness Cortez and others that lit the fire. From that day forward Shelly knew she wanted to be an equine artist. Weekends and summer vacations found her sitting on an overturned bucket sketching her favorite racehorses on the backstretch of the Nebraska racing circuit.

Carol Corley, her High School art teacher, added fuel to the fire with her encouragement and exposure to a wide variety of art mediums. From pencil, to oil paint, to sculpture, there always seemed to be a way to include a horse in the subject matter. Winning awards in local art shows and second place in a national show helped persuade Shelly to continue her art in college.

After receiving a degree in Commercial Art, Shelly began her career as a Computer Graphics Designer at a small company. Long hours and tight deadlines left little time for the pursuit of fine art. The purchase of a retired AQHA racing mare changed all that. To reduce the breeding expenses, she started trading portraits for stallion services for her mare. One of the owners, after witnessing her talent first-hand, persuaded Shelly to set up a booth with paintings at Heritage Place in Oklahoma City during one of their annual Racing Quarter Horse sales. The rest, as they say, is history.

With artwork on display at Remington Park, Louisiana Downs, Lone Star Park and commissioned portraits in the U.S. and Canada, Shelly is just beginning to live her dream.

Link: Shelly Asche: Equine Artist