Dark Horse Foundation

The Dark Horse foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing Wild American horses from Federal Lands who would otherwise have been rounded up and slaughtered in accordance with section 142 of Consolidated Appropriations Bill (HR 4818), passed by the US Congress in 2005.

As the descendants of horses brought to our nation by the Conquistadors in the 1500’s, we intend for the great legacy of our Wild American horses to live on. Our expert horse staff is 100% dedicated to showing love and kindness to these horses, in the hope that eventually they will be trained to become useful work horses, and productive members of the animal world.

Likewise, our Human Needs staff welcome troubled youth, exchange students, and persons with special needs to our ranch to work in tandem with our expert horse staff in an effort to learn the kind of gentleness, kindness, and patience it takes to steer a wild creature tame.

It is our hope that from this experience, these people will take away lasting lessons from the program that they will be able to apply to their daily lives.

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