Blue Horse Charities

Blue Horse Charities was formed in 2001 to assist those providing a a humane solution for Thoroughbreds no longer suitable for breeding or racing. Most particularly, our immediate emphasis is to keep all Thoroughbreds out of the hands of “Killer buyers”. For those of us who love horses — and that’s what got us in to the game in the first place — letting our horses end their days in a slaughter house is no way to show it.

Our charity is financed in equal parts by buyers, consignors and Fasig-Tipton. A buyer or consignor can commit to one quarter of one percent of the sales price, WHICH IS THEN MATCHED BY THE COMPANY. The precepts governing our approach are 1) creating awareness, 2) a realistic goal and 3) accountability to those who have helped us.

Taken in order, we believe that everything starts with awareness the problem. We don’t believe that many Thoroughbreds are intentionally sold to killer buyers – their owners are not aware this might be the fate awaiting their horses, they simply want the bills to stop. The realistic goal reflects our belief that there are only three ways for a Thoroughbred to end its days – retirement, adoption or humane euthanasia.

Link: Blue Horse Charities

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