Jacqueline Kudo

Jacqueline Kudo’s artistic skills are based on drawing and painting throughout life, education in painting and art history at Pratt Institute, New York, and over a decade of painting professionally. Along with portaiture, her experience includes residential and commercial murals, illustration as well as studio paintings.

She has always had a deep appreciation for animals and visual arts. The variety of her childhood pets ranged from cats and dogs to iguanas and chinchillas. Jacqueline rode horses for ten years and for several of these years, she volunteered on weekends to assist with lesson horses. Spending time with these animals was an opportunity to understand unique intelligences and individual characters in different species.

These portraits are executed in a painterly realism with the artist’s focus on an individual’s internal nature balanced with external appearance. She seeks to have natural gestures and animated light come to life in paint and express the vitality of her subject.

Link: Jacqueline Kudo Animal Portraits