Lynne Pomeranz

A gifted photographer, Lynne Pomeranz feels the moment and translates it to a medium that preserves it against time. “As a photographer, I am reminded daily of how precious and fleeting a moment can be. I am drawn to horses, landscapes, objects abandoned and branded by time, and the sense of poetry in everyday scenes that tend to go unnoticed.”

According to an interview in The Gaited Horse, Spring 2004, “Pomeranz is one of those best-kept secrets, whose images touch the heart like few others”.

Her equine images, which combine her love of horses with photography, have graced the covers of numerous publications, including The Gaited Horse, New Mexico Horseman’s Directory, Horsemen’s Voice, and the book “Tony & The Cows”. She has received an Addie award and awards from the American Horse Publications.

Link: Lynne Pomeranz, Photographer