Jen Pratt

Equus Studio is home to Horse and Wildlife sculptor Jen Pratt.

Artist Statement:
There is a certain type of elegance to nature, and to all living things. It’s almost possible to find a meaning to existence, to find God himself, through the things that He has created. Thus my work could be considered an homage, a tribute to the things that I find to be beautiful in this world.

I create my sculptures from clay because of the exceptional attributes of this medium. Clay is an inviting, earthy material; it’s also quite durable. It’s perfectly suited to figurative sculptures because of the wide range of emotion and movement that can be captured. A finished clay sculpture is unique from other sculptures – when you touch the surface, your hand follows a path that was not created by a tool, or by machine, or transferred from another medium; it’s the exact paths and grooves that the artist’s hands created.

Link: Equus Studio
Link: Jen Pratt, Horse Sculptures