Suzana Stojanovic

The Magical World of Horses by Suzana Stojanovic is a gallery of her artwork and her writings, all from the equine world. Accomplished in music and literature, Suzana’s return into the art scene after thirteen years was marked by “The Magical World of Horses” series in 2001, and several solo exhibitions throughout Serbia. Many of her paintings are to be found in private collections in Serbia, the USA, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, Macedonia, Montenegro and Slovenia. Presently, Suzana lives and works in Nis, paints horses and thoroughly studies the horse anatomy; she writes short stories and is preparing for the advanced studies at the Academy of Art.

Unique and original photorealistic artwork created in various techniques including oil on canvas paintings, pastels and pencil drawings of horses, Arabian horse portraits, landscapes, people.

Enigmatic short stories about life based on different life experience, temptations, events, myths, legends, mysteries and fairy tales; essays.

Link: Suzana Stojanovic