Sonya Spaziani

Experience the beauty of the ranch and wild American west through the eyes of WildWind artist, Sonya Spaziani. You will view the pureness of life of the old west and the intricate beauty of North American wildlife as seen through her eyes and her experiences. Sonya’s work has been published in Western Horseman magazine’s Gallery, as well as a popular regional magazine, Cascade Horseman. Two of her artworks had been selected by Western Horseman for their 2006 calendar. Her work has also been featured in other various papers, periodicals, and galleries.

Sonya believes the Soul of the old west still lives as evidenced on working ranches, and felt through quiet shivers when in old ghost towns where dust, wind whispers, and tumbleweeds are the only inhabitants. Through her art she attempts to capture the inner essence of what once was, though now just a whisper on the wind.

Strictly self-taught, Sonya enjoys the challenge of capturing the intimate details of both western and wildlife art. She primarily uses fine point mechanical pencils, and has found that black and white or sepia tones do not distract the eye, but rather the contrasting tones illuminate the detailed beauty of the subject. Recently incorporated into her artwork in 2005, is the use of authentic wild horse mane-hairs to detail through paint, the structures of horse hair. 20% of the proceeds of the sales of the artwork with wild horses goes to wild horse protection organizations such as Return to Freedom, and Wild Horse Sanctuary as recommended by the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign.

Link: Sonya Spaziani: Wild Wind — Art Inspired by the Western Spirit