Archives for March 2006

Suzana Stojanovic

The Magical World of Horses by Suzana Stojanovic is a gallery of her artwork and her writings, all from the equine world. Accomplished in music and literature, Suzana’s return into the art scene after thirteen years was marked by “The Magical World of Horses” series in 2001, and several solo exhibitions throughout Serbia.

Sonya Spaziani

Sonya believes the Soul of the old west still lives as evidenced on working ranches, and felt through quiet shivers when in old ghost towns where dust, wind whispers, and tumbleweeds are the only inhabitants. Through her art she attempts to capture the inner essence of what once was, though now just a whisper on the wind.

Susan Frauenheim Bradley

Although best known for her truly realistic and expressive Equine works, Susan’s passion for riding, travel, and nature creates stunning landscapes, still-life, and unique southwestern works. Susan utilizes the technique of trompe l’oeil in her realistic works, creating the illusion that the subjects really exist.