Elaine Juska Keeley

Elaine Juska Keeley is an artist whose specialty is the pastel medium. A member of national and local organizations, such as the Pastel Society of America, Connecticut Pastel Society, and American Academy of Equine Art, Elaine’s award winning work has been juried into exhibitions all over the country. Her equine art has primarily focused on draft and harness horse imagery.

“The academics of a painting, particularly in my realist works, are often as important to me as the underlying story of any individual painting. My work is infused with a subtle interaction of color not always noticed at a quick glance. The dynamics of composition, work just as strongly in my paintings, with imagery often cropped in ways to lead the eye in and out of the picture plane. These subtleties of color interactions and compositional choices are what help in creating movement, mood and
atmosphere within my artwork.

“Pastel lends itself beautifully to these color interactions. Much like the technique of glazing with oils, the pastel medium allows the artist to build layer upon layer of color, resulting in a sometimes subtle, sometimes vibrant luminosity. My paintings have often been the result of my interest in color theory, as much as, if not more than, my interest in depicting any particular subject matter.”

Link: Elaine Juska Keeley