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Carousel and Rocking Horses

Representing artists who hand-craft their work, and providing appraisals of antique works.

Nancy Weimer Belden

Bronze Sculpture by Nancy Weimer Belden

The Horse: 30,000 Years of the Horse in Art

This stunningly illustrated history of the horse in art documents the creative journey from prehistoric cave painting to the war horses of Uccello, the thoroughbred portraits of Stubbs, the enigmatic prints of Elisabeth Frink and beyond. It explores the role of the horse in Eastern imagery and as the subject of myth and legend; as […]

Among Wild Horses: A Portrait of the Pryor Mountain Mustangs

Here is the extraordinary photographic journal of the three years Lynne Pomeranz spent studying, admiring, and photographing these magnificent animals. The inner lives and relationships of 25 horses emerge in intimate photographs accompanied by stirring text.

Blue Horse Charities

Blue Horse Charities was formed in 2001 to assist those providing a a humane solution for Thoroughbreds no longer suitable for breeding or racing. For those of us who love horses — and that’s what got us in to the game in the first place — letting our horses end their days in a slaughter house is no way to show it.

Jacqueline Kudo

Jacqueline rode horses for ten years and for several of these years, she volunteered on weekends to assist with lesson horses. Spending time with these animals was an opportunity to understand unique intelligences and individual characters in different species.

Lynne Pomeranz

A gifted photographer, Lynne Pomeranz feels the moment and translates it to a medium that preserves it against time. “As a photographer, I am reminded daily of how precious and fleeting a moment can be. I am drawn to horses, landscapes, objects abandoned and branded by time, and the sense of poetry in everyday scenes that tend to go unnoticed.”

Paint Horse Journal

The popularity of the Paint Horse has taken the equine world by storm. Keep up with today’s fast-paced action by reading the Paint Horse Journal, the only magazine focused on the second-largest equine breed in America.

Lyn Beaumont

I have a passion for painting horses, being a horse lover and owner all my life. I currently have three, one of which I have trained myself. With this experience I feel that I have a good knowledge of horse anatomy and an understanding of the horse itself.

Kiger Mesteno Association

The Kiger Mesteño Association was founded in July 1988 to protect and preserve these remaining wild mustangs and their counterpart in captivity. A registry and standard of perfection have been established for Kiger and half-Kiger horses. With nearly 500 horses registered with the KMA, and growing interest in this exceptional breed, their continued survival is assured.

Jen Pratt

I create my sculptures from clay because of the exceptional attributes of this medium. Clay is an inviting, earthy material; it’s also quite durable. It’s perfectly suited to figurative sculptures because of the wide range of emotion and movement that can be captured.

Karen Davies

Karen’s unique style focuses on the colours and ambience of racing and country sports. Painting mainly in pastel, but equally adept with oils, her work shows an honesty and understanding of both her craft and her subject. Although better known for her equine studies, Karen’s paintings of her native Kenya mark her down as a truly all round artist.