Susan Neill

Self-taught artist, Susan Neill’s passion for animals, horses in particular, began at an early age in St. Paul, Minn. Spending many of her waking hours at the stable, the sounds, sights and smells of those surroundings created many of her happiest childhood memories. Susan began drawing when she was very young and continued into her early teen years. Naturally, the subject matter almost always included horses or other animals.

In 2002, Susan decided to venture out of her “safety zone” that was the very controllable medium of charcoal and begin her journey into the world of watercolor. Having been around horses all of her life the desire to recreate them on paper remained strong. These subjects, along with her love of all things western, are portrayed in much of her work.

Susan lets her “senses” lead her to these subjects that she loves to paint. For her there’s nothing like the smell of saddle leather, horse barns, and fresh cut hay… nothing as soothing to the ear as the sound of the hoof beats of horses or the bawling of cattle in the early morning… nothing more serene than watching a herd of horses peacefully grazing or more enticing than a pile of rusty branding irons. Susan’s painting allows her to escape to a place filled with nothing but the things she loves.

Susan is an associate member of “Women Artists of the West” and the “American Academy of Women Artists”. Her work can be seen at shows throughout the western United States. Susan’s paintings have been featured in “Equine Vision-Horses in Art” and “Western Horseman” magazines as well as the recently published coffee table book “Artists of the West” .

Link: Susan Neill: Western and Equine Art