Archives for September 2005

Spirit Horses

The photographs in Spirit Horses were shot in a variety of locales, from wildlife sanctuaries to private ranches to natural habitats in Europe and the western United States. These images — and the accompanying quotes — offer a portrait of horses as profound teachers, giving strength and stability to a world out of balance.

Linda Volrath

Linda Volrath works in the traditional medium of oil, in a painterly representational style. The dominant subjects of her paintings are equine scenes, landscapes and still lifes. For equine paintings, she works from her own sketches and reference material inspired by the equestrian events in Virginia’s horse country and the Southwest.

Lois Andersen

My goal is to capture the spirit of each animal and to convey its individuality, grace, and strength.

Susan Neill

Susan lets her “senses” lead her to these subjects that she loves to paint. For her there’s nothing like the smell of saddle leather, horse barns, and fresh cut hay; like the sound of the hoof beats of horses or the bawling of cattle in the early morning; or like watching a herd of horses peacefully grazing.