Laura J. Smith

Anime Portraits in Pencil

How did I become an artist? You wouldn’t believe it if I told you! I started out as a horse-crazy girl who wanted nothing else in life than to have a horse. I enjoyed drawing and doodling, but I was never very good at it. In fact, my high school art teacher once told me that I had absolutely no creativity whatsoever! I managed to get through art class with a C. What did it matter anyway? All I cared about were horses.

It was in December 1994 that my artistic talent emerged. One evening I was paging through an event groom’s handbook, kind of reminiscing, and saw a photograph of a thoroughbred that was captioned, “A well turned out eventer.” I started to see defined patterns, shapes, and tones, and thought, “I could draw that.” I took out a piece of paper and that is exactly what I did. It turned out so well I had it framed. I thought it was a once in a life time event and was sure it would never happen again. I tried drawing a picture of Bill Shoemaker from a photograph in a book, and it turned out even better! Imagine my surprise! Later, a fellow artist explained that that evening was the night I found the right side of my brain. I didn’t know I’d lost it!

Link: The Artwork of Laura J. Smith