Tony O’Connor

Tony’s success perhaps lies in the way he brings together a degree in fine art, encompassing the technical know-how that such instruction begets, and a disciplined approach to the study of horse anatomy.

Tony’s love of horses stems from his childhood (of course!), where some of his earliest memories are those of his grand-uncle Mossie working in his dark smoke-filled forge, shoeing local horses and ponies. Influenced by the Renaissance Masters, Tony takes his style of drawing from the Silverpoint pieces of Da Vinci and the drawings of Michelangelo – we can see elements of both artists in his drawings and portraits of horses.

Although Tony´s first and foremost artistic passion usually takes equine form, he is also indivisibly drawn to their surrounding landscape. Whilst his sole-horse pieces have a detailed anatomical specificity to them, his landscapes are more evocative of the wild, tempestuous forces of our earth, created and depicted through menacing shadows and whispers of light. There is a dark earthy, yet somewhat unearthly, quality to them.

Link: White Tree Studio: Tony O’Connor