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The Przewalski Horse Association: TAKH

The Przewalski Horse Association, TAKH, was created in 1990 to help bring an end to this paradoxical situation. Its aim is to recreate a Przewalski Horse population living in the wild. To this end, in 1993 and 1994 eleven individuals taken from zoos were installed in the département of Lozère, in one of the wildest and most beautiful regions in France: the Causse Méjean, a limestone plateau traditionally used for sheep rearing. Today they make up the Le Villaret herd.

C. L. Kieffer

I have recently begun combining my love of horses, art and gardening….. growing , curing and preparing gourds and turning them into works of art. They have been very well accepted and are fast becoming part of collections around the World.

EquinArt Creations

EquinArt Creations has the largest selection in the world of original limited edition artists resin. Our company commissions new works from the hobby’s best artists, as well as acts as the sales agent for artists who prefer to leave the business aspects of their work to seasoned professionals.

Spirit Horses

The photographs in Spirit Horses were shot in a variety of locales, from wildlife sanctuaries to private ranches to natural habitats in Europe and the western United States. These images — and the accompanying quotes — offer a portrait of horses as profound teachers, giving strength and stability to a world out of balance.

Linda Volrath

Linda Volrath works in the traditional medium of oil, in a painterly representational style. The dominant subjects of her paintings are equine scenes, landscapes and still lifes. For equine paintings, she works from her own sketches and reference material inspired by the equestrian events in Virginia’s horse country and the Southwest.

Lois Andersen

My goal is to capture the spirit of each animal and to convey its individuality, grace, and strength.

Susan Neill

Susan lets her “senses” lead her to these subjects that she loves to paint. For her there’s nothing like the smell of saddle leather, horse barns, and fresh cut hay; like the sound of the hoof beats of horses or the bawling of cattle in the early morning; or like watching a herd of horses peacefully grazing.

Laura J. Smith

One evening I was paging through an event groom’s handbook, kind of reminiscing, and saw a photograph of a thoroughbred that was captioned, “A well turned out eventer.” I started to see defined patterns, shapes, and tones, and thought, “I could draw that.” I took out a piece of paper and that is exactly what I did. It turned out so well I had it framed.

Heather Rohde

Rohde’s paintings have been shown at many important equine events including the Wyoming Governor’s Invitational Wild Horse Art Show and Sale, the Art of the Horse national juried exhibition in Gladstone, New Jersey, and a Belmont Park Racetrack charity fundraiser at Saratoga Springs, New York.

Patrick Ching: Naturally Hawaiian

Featuring the work of Patrick Ching, a reknowned nature artist and owner of Naturally Hawaiian Gallery in Waimanalo, Oahu, Hawaii.

Horse Art Collection

Equestrian themed prints, original paintings and other art from a wide variety of artists.

Tony O’Connor

Tony´s first and foremost artistic passion usually takes equine form, he is also indivisibly drawn to their surrounding landscape. Whilst his sole-horse pieces have a detailed anatomical specificity to them, his landscapes are more evocative of the wild, tempestuous forces of our earth.