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COWS: Cowboy Oriented Websites

From web site design to hosting to updates, maintenance & follow up support! We want to make having a website as easy as possible for you. Our professional website services are comprehensive and geared to give you the very best service quality at a fair price. We also want to help you market on the web with Email Blasts, COWS Banner Ads and more!

The Miniature Horse

The most comprehensive site dedicated to the care, training and breeding of miniature horses, it features articles and events focused on miniature horses, information for Breyer model horse collectors and more.

American Bashkir Curly Registry

The exact origin of the Bashkir Curly Horse is one of the greatest mysteries of the horse world.

Horses with curly coats are most certainly an ancient breed. They have been depicted in art and statuary in early China as far back as 161 AD. There has been evidence of their presence in South America and Europe.