Michele Pope Melina

Award winning artist Michele Pope Melina grew up in the lush, beautiful landscape of Virginia’s Shenadoah Valley, where she was inspired by nature and history. Michele’s early artistic influences include American masters like George Inness, the Hudson River Painters, and the French painters of Impressionism and of the Barbizon School. Through vigorous self-training, Michele studied color theory and technique. Her paintings are exemplary of the style that evolved from this process, characterized by the use of bold colors to create a unique sense of drama and joy.

Whether it’s an intimate still life setting in the studio or a newly charted landscape from a road trip, the importance of knowing a subject fully is paramount to Michele. Attention to accuracy helps account for the awards that she has won and for her Signature Member status with the American Impressionist Society. At the peak of her 40-year career, Michele considers herself “always a student”. She continues to strive toward beauty and passionately dedicate herself to excellence.

Michele says: Historically, painters have been inspired by the landscape to express their feelings and emotion about nature. Since the time of John Constable and the painters of centuries thereafter, we have been aware of our precious resources through their eyes. I became an artist when I realized exactly how I could express this love that I have for my surroundings. All of the beauty in nature that I saw could be translated with brush, canvas and paint. More importantly, as I have lived in a farming community being squeezed out by urban sprawl I, too, have felt the pressure of redefining my viewpoint through painting. By remembering painters, like George Inness and the Hudson River Painters, I can appreciate their teachings through paintings to express awareness about our world. What exists between Earth and Sky are ourselves. We are caretakers of this environment and we should be examples to teach the next generation to do the same. The fragility of nature and man is the driving force that gives passionate depth and meaning to my art.

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