Patricia Crane

The horse art, sculpture, jewelry and gifts created by Patricia Crane are generally viewed in either museums, public parks or in private collections. A range of horse art and breed specific horse jewelry, in designs of gold, silver, or combinations of both, is sold world wide along with a line of trophy awards available from no other source.

Patricia achieved fame internationally for her remarkable life size bronze sculpture installed in front of The International Museum, at the Kentucky Horse Park, and in front of the American Saddlebred Museum. Patricia has created horse art in many media, and of many breeds other than the American Saddlebred. In the world of horse artists, it is through portraiture in bronze and horse sculpture that her talent has been most spectacularly realized. She is one of the better known artists of today and her work is justly celebrated for its compelling realism, and utter “aliveness”.

Along with her well known bronze sculpture, Crane has begun an ongoing series horse art resin sculpture, highly valued by art collectors as well as those seeking rare gifts and which is also presented as awards internationally. From life size to 54mm miniatures, you are cordially invited to visit all of the site areas listed below to view original art, sculpture and gifts.

Specific horse breeds highlight all items as decor for home, office and barn. Most are unique and offered no where else in the world. Breeds include Arabian, American Saddlebred, Morgan, Thoroughbred, even the Mustang and many, many more.

Link: Horse Art: Horse Sculpture, Jewelry and Gifts by Patricia Crane