Karen D. Smith

I’ve had a love affair with horses and with art since my earliest memory. It was inevitable that the two would culminate in a life time of painting, sketching, sculpting and riding.

As a child I studied the horses anatomy and walked miles to watch their elegant honesty. And now as a grandmother, I’ve returned to school and earned a degree in Liberal Studies from Chaffrey College. I’m currently a senior at Cal State Fullerton. I’m also studying the bronze process with Max De Moss at Mt. San Jacinto College.

I’ve painted numerous commissions: Racing Quarter Horse Champions Rambac and Chick’s Beduino; 2 time Scottsdale Arabian top ten, W.A. Starwars; Many time Scottsdale Arabian top ten, W.A. Mckhemo; and dozens of lovely family pets.

The fundamentally inherent allure of art is the spiritual connection with the essence of my soul. To separate them would be to remove the intense vitality from a symphony. I graciously embrace the compelling need to create.

Art is the embodiment of every emotion I feel, and the horse is the vehicle I use to translate those feelings.

Link: Equestrian Fine Art and Sculpture by Karen D. Smith