Don Bell Galleries

A graphite pencil is to drawing, as black and white film is to photography. In both mediums, the uncountable shades of gray that fall between the spectrums of black and white can allow the artist to portray more depth that all the colors of the rainbow. For this reason, Western art newcomer Don Bell is using graphite pencil to immortalize the stock-type horse.

Raised in Tennessee, Bell has had a life-long connection to the horse industry. The son of a professional horse trainer, he began showing horses at a young age, competing in events from halter to roping.

Marrita McMilian, an accomplished sculptress, recognized Don’s talent for recreating horses on paper and out of clay. She encouraged the developing artist to participate in her art-related activities. The two attended workshops in New Mexico and Colorado to develop their talents under such renowned artists as Veryl Goodnight and Eugene Daub. Bell soon developed his own style using graphite pencil on a wide range of surfaces including fiberglass, canvas, and clay board.

Bell has been the official artist for both the AQHA World Championship show and the NRHA Futurity. In 2007 he will once again showcase his talents for APHA as their official artist of the APHA World Championship Show. The piece “Daddy’s Little Helper”, designed specifically for APHA, depicts a young girl riding a paint rope horse.

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