Battle Over Wild Horses Heats Up

Battle Over Wild Horses Heats Up: Mustang Advocates Worry as Government Thins Wild Herds
ABC World News Tonight | Feb 28, 2002

Cattle ranchers and the government say there’s just not just enough room for all the wild horses that make their home on the range, but advocates fear plans to round up more mustangs will lead many of the animals to the slaughterhouse.

Some 45,000 wild horses and burros roam federally owned land in the West, about half of them in Nevada. The federal government wants to cut that number nearly in half by accelerating its regular roundup program.

The Bureau of Land Management says their numbers must be cut to balance herd size with what the land will support. It’s also a balancing act between competing interests — mustangs and cattle. Ranchers want more grazing room for cows on public land.

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