Alexa King Studios

For the past 26 years Alexa King has worked professionally as a sculptor. Casting a discerning eye on her subjects and capturing the essence and dynamics of her sculptural studies in bronze, Alexa has won praise and recognition throughout the world. Her forte is her ability to depict her subjects in a way that conveys both depth and emotion to the viewer. She does this through careful study, observation and planning before starting each model. Now, at the peak of her creative capabilities, Alexa seeks to further challenge herself with each new commission by making accurate and unparalleled creations in bronze.

“By doing meticulous research before I start the model,” Alexa comments, “my goal is to recreate living forms in motion. Finding the essence of the horse is the most important factor in achieving the portrait. The difficult part is translating dynamic action into a three-dimensional artwork while retaining the qualities of the horse standing before you. A lot of my subjects feature such dynamic action; but also have a quiet elegance in order to give reference to the animals’ inner grace. The final piece must reflect a keen line, monumentality, and movement; I enjoy pushing the medium to the limit.”

Alexa started her education in the arts literally at her mother’s feet. Attending the Indianapolis Art Student’s League studio classes with her mother, she would pick sticks of color from the box of pastels she received for Christmas and draw during the classes. Her interest in art evolved into further studies in oils and portraiture under the noted portrait painter, William Ashby. A disciple of the Ash can school; Ashby taught Alexa the color palette which featured strong light and limited color choices. Little did Alexa know that studying light and color would eventually influence how she captured the light as it was cast on her sculptural forms.

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