The Horse’s Name Was…

The Horse’s Name Was…: A Dictionary of Famous Horses from History, Literature, Mythology, Television and Movies

from the Preface by the author, Terri A. Wear

There have been horses in all aspects of life since the horse became domesticated. Horses are found in mythology, ridden in war, kept as pets, star in movies and television, are part of civilization, and have had a spot in the hearts of people for a long time.

Some of these horses became famous: some due to some part they played in history, some due to who their owners were, and some because a movie or television program became popular. Many of these horses are known to everyone, like Black Beauty, Trigger, Man O’ War, and Pegasus. And there are many whose names have been forgotten or were never known. Paul Revere’s mount, which carried him and his message during Revolutionary times, is one of those. History tells us that his mount for that famous ride was most likely a mare, but her name is generally considered to be unknown.

This book was written to preserve the memory of some of these famous horses and their names. The horses listed here are those that have for some reason been recognized for their achievements, their race records, their bravery in battle, their screen performances, their part in literature, and even for their heroic acts.

# Hardcover: 217 pages
# Publisher: Scarecrow Pr (January 1993)
# ISBN-10: 0810825996
# ISBN-13: 978-0810825994

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